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Workshop Station

Get an All-Day DIY Workshops Pass 

Attend do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops with an all-day pass, and walk away with a bag full of ready-to-use products, ideas and recipes. Earn two additional door prize entries for participating. 

DIY Essential Room Sprays

Discover aromatherapy room sprays; not only pleasing to the senses, but also potent protection against environmental threats. 


DIY Natural Cleaners

Create a fragrant multipurpose cleaner or a glass cleaner, powerful against germs but safe enough to drink. 



DIY Facial Care

Make a customized acne-fighting, wrinkle-reducing or skin-balancing facial toner that will leave your skin feeling and looking irresistibly fresh.


DIY Feel Better Fast Rollers

Create a personalized roller bottle that can lower your pain and inflammation responses so you’ll feel better fast. 


DIY Flavored Culinary Delights

Choose either an Asian fusion culinary salt, Italian-style olive oil drizzle or herbs de Provence culinary salt that will please the palate and provide immune-boosting benefits too. 


DIY Mood Management

Rollers bottles fitting to your special needs—embrace harmony, clarity, confidence and gratitude. 


DIY Exfoliating Body Scrub

Create exfoliating body scrub enhanced with essential oils geared to your personal skin concerns to use for daily pampering. 


DIY Pet Care

Explore the many safe and effective options for your furry friends.