Event Happenings

From Belly Dance to Natural Fashion, Plenty to See on the Demonstration Stage

There will be nonstop action on the Expo’s new Demonstration Stage, where visitors can see the latest in natural-fiber fashion, learn to belly dance, move to the groove of a drum circle or try energizing tai chi. These four demos will take place on Saturday and Sunday, beginning at noon and every hour following, in this order.

Belly Dance with Sarah Elkins

Sarah Elkins has been teaching belly dance on the Emerald Coast since 2006. In this interactive demo, she’ll give a brief performance, teach basic moves and discuss the health benefits of belly dance, which offers an alternative healing method for women of all ages, shapes and experience levels. Each shimmy and graceful undulation is an expression of strength and femininity. It’s also a great low-impact workout that increases flexibility and tones your entire body, while boosting your confidence and empowering you. 

BellaLine Fashion Show

BellaLine  specializes in fashion-forward organic apparel that is handmade through fair trade or in the United States, but never mass-produced.  BellaLine creator Courtney Taylor, a Gulf Coast native, believes that consumers deserve the choice to buy clothing they feel good about wearing with the knowledge of where and how it was produced.

BellaLine apparel is made from organic cotton and/or other eco-friendly fibers such as bamboo and recyclable materials. BellaLine creates effortless style that lets you look and feel your best while supporting the well-being of those who make BellaLine possible.

Sam Twohawks Drum Circle and Shamanic Meditation

Drumming exhibition will be led by Sam Twohawks, a tribal member of the Poarch Creek Indians and a past-life shaman, who will incorporate a shamanic meditation into her program. Twohawks will replace the Pensacola Drum Circle in the Demonstration Stage rotation.   Adopted by the Santa Rosa Creek Indian Tribe, Twohawks was mentored and guided by many chiefs. “ Drumming raises the vibration of your soul and connects you with your most primal and highest self,” she says. “ All matter responds to this vibration as well— just watch the plants and animals around you and see for yourself.  The universe and Mother Earth need this during this time of great transformation.

Tai Chi with Sensei John D. Lee

Sensei John D. Lee has been involved in martial arts for most of his life. At first he was more interested in philosophies and ideals than specific styles, but he became interested in the practical application of martial arts as he grew older. His kajukenbo instructor, Grandmaster Ron Pierce, studied directly under Sijo Emperado, one of five martial artists who developed the kajukenbo self-defense system. In 2010, Lee created his own self-defense system, Calm Water.

FREE Activities

Free Group Meditation on Humanity’s Evolution (2 p.m. Sunday – Palm 1)

Transmission Meditation focuses on personal evolution as well as the evolution of humanity. John O’Neill of Share International USA Network Southeast (Share-International.us/se/), which coordinates free semiweekly sessions in Pensacola, says, “Transmission Meditation is a simple but potent method that doesn’t require a lot of reading. More than 600 Transmission groups in 40 countries meet regularly, motivated solely by the intention and desire to serve.”